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根據《建築物條例》第17(1)條 第 6 項,在批准圖則時會施加條件,要求鋼化玻璃必須由獲得ISO9001品質保證認證的工廠生產。

根據《建築物(管理)規例》第10條,在批准圖則時會施加規定,要求有關人士在申請 展開進行經批准圖則所 示的工程的同意書 前,須 呈 交 生 產 商 品 質 保 證 計 劃 的 副 本,並 須 附 連 由 註 冊 結 構 工 程 師 簽 署 的 聲 明,表明已仔細研究該品質保證 計 劃,以 確 認 該 計 劃 已 包 含 充 足 的 措 施,確 保 鋼 化 玻 璃 產 品 的 質素符合《建築物條例》的條 文和經批准圖則的規定。

Quality Assurance Scheme for Tempered Glass

To ensure that the tempered glass panes are of good quality, proper supervision and adequate quality control are necessary during the production processes of the tempered glass panes. The requirements of the quality assurance of tempered glass are set out in the ensuing paragraphs.


Under item 6 in Section 17(1) of the Buildings Ordinance (BO), a condition will be imposed, when giving approval of plans, that the tempered glass should be manufactured by a factory with ISO 9001 quality assurance certification.


Under Regulation 10 of the B(A)R, a requirement will be imposed, when giving approval of plans, to require a copy of the Quality Assurance Scheme of the manufacturer to be submitted prior to the application for consent to the commencement and carrying out of the works shown in the approved plans. Such submission should be appended with a statement signed by the RSE to declare that he/she has studied the Quality Assurance Scheme and confirm that there are adequate measures incorporated in the Scheme to ensure the quality of the tempered glass products in compliance with the provisions of the BO and the approved plans.



 (a) 所有鋼化玻璃板的熱浸程序;

 (b) 用於品質控制測試的熱 浸烘爐和實驗所儀器的 校準程序;

 (c) 玻璃殘餘的表面壓應力的量度;

        根 據 ASTM C1279 標準量度,各類玻璃殘餘的表面壓應力如下: 

        a) 鋼化玻璃 > 69 兆帕斯卡

  b) 半 鋼 化玻璃 24-52 兆帕斯卡

  c) 退火玻璃 0 兆帕斯卡

 (d) 測試程序和規定;及

 (e) 生產商內部人員和獨立人士進行檢查和審核次數和範圍。


The Quality Assurance Scheme should include the following items:

 (a) Heat soak process to all tempered glass panes;

 (b) Calibration of heat soak oven and laboratory equipment for quality control tests;

 (c) Residual surface compressive stress measurement of glass;

Residual surface compressive stress measured to ASTM C1279 for different types of glass are as follows:

  a) > 69 MPa for tempered glass

  b) 24-52 MPa for heat-strengthened glass

  c) 0 MPa for annealed glass

 (d) Testing procedures and requirements; and

 (e) Frequency and extent of inspection and audit by in-house staff of the manufacturer, and independent parties.