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公司方針Company Policy

東恒測試顧問有限公司管理層的政策是按照HKAS 002, HOKLAS 003, 以及所有HKAS 和HOKLAS 有關測試與校正的補充性準則文件要求,維持所有檢測工作於高標準上,為所有客戶提供高效優質的服務,以滿足客戶和相關法規的要求;我們承諾會提供高品質高標準的建材測試服務,並會持續改進管理體系的有效性及努力獲取香港實驗所認可計劃(HOKLAS)更多測試項目的正式認可。

The Management’s policy of AQUALITY TESTCONSULT LIMITED is to maintain a high standard in all its testing work and to offer competent and efficient services to all its customers, in accordance with the management system complying with the requirements of HKAS 002, HOKLAS 003, relevant HKAS and HOKLAS Supplementary Criteria for all testing and calibration activities, so as to meet the requirements of the customer and the related regulations.  We are committed to provide a high quality standard of construction materials testing and calibration services and will continually improve the effectiveness of the management system and endeavour our best to achieve laboratory accreditation under the Hong Kong Laboratory Accreditation Scheme (HOKLAS)


管理層認識到建立管理體系的重要性,包括將HKAS 002、HOKLAS 003以及相關HKAS和HOKLAS的補充性文件要旨編入品質手冊內,和為檢測人員提供試驗程序手冊作指導;所有涉及檢測工作的技術和管理人員, 不論直接聘請或合約制,皆有責任熟悉品質手冊的內容,並緊遵手冊及相關文件中所闡明的政策和程序,協力實現管理體系的質量目標。

The Management recognizes the importance of setting up a management system which includes the compilation of a Quality Manual incorporating the topics addressed in HKAS 002, HOKLAS 003, relevant HKAS and HOKLAS Supplementary Criteria providing test procedure documents as guidance to staffs involved in testing work.  It is the responsibility of all staff, either under direct employ or on contract terms, both technical and administrative, involved in testing work to familiarize themselves with the content of the Quality Manual and comply with the policies and procedures laid down in the Manual and associated documents at all times for achieving the quality objectives of the management system.



The Management has established the communication channel, such as staff meeting, within the laboratory to ensure effective communication and also for the effectiveness of the management system takes place.


作為提供公眾服務的實驗所,公司強調與所有客戶保持良好關係;認為此互利關係可使雙方產生共同利益;同時公司把客戶的滿意程度作為衡量公司經營表現的檢查標準。實驗室不但要滿足客戶的要求, 也需要達到並符合認可標準的水平。全體員工需要真誠地為客戶提供最好的專業服務,每一位員工都要在工作守則內進行工作, 並拒絕一切含有利益衝突的操作。

As a laboratory offering public testing services, the company emphasizes good relationship with any customers.  The relationship is considered a mutually beneficial one aiming at generating common interests for both parties.  Customer satisfaction is considered as a measure on the performance of the company.  The laboratory shall meet customer requirements as well as statutory and regulatory requirements.  All staffs are expected to provide the best professional service to customers with sincerity.  All personnel shall comply with the code of conduct and declare the conflict of interest where appropriate.