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MBI-1 表格     (委任註冊檢驗人員作樓宇訂明檢驗及/或監督訂明修葺的通知)      

MBI -1 Forms    (Notification of Appointment of Registered Inspector (RI) for Prescribed Inspection and / or Supervision of Prescribed Repair of Building)


MBI-2 表格     提名另一名註冊檢驗人員暫代監督訂明修葺的通知

MBI-2 Forms  Notification of Nomination of Another Registered Inspector (RI) to Temporarily Supervise the Prescribed Repair


MBI-3 表格    樓宇檢驗證明(適用於檢驗後需要進行訂明修葺)

MBI-3 Forms Certificate of Building Inspection (Applicable where Prescribed Repair is Required after Inspection)


MBI-3a 表格   樓宇檢驗證明書(適用於檢驗後無需進行訂明修葺)

MBI-3a Forms  Certificate of Building Inspection (Applicable where NO Prescribed Repair is Required after Inspection)


MBI-4 表格     樓宇修葺證明書

MBI-4 Forms  Certificate of Building Repair


MBI-5 表格      無業務關連證明書 (適用於為樓宇進行訂明檢驗的註冊檢驗人員但並沒有監督已完成的訂明修葺)

MBI-5 Forms  Certificate of No Business Connection (Applicable where the RI Appointed for the Prescribed Inspection did NOT Supervise the Prescribed Repair Completed)