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System Requirements for HOKLAS Signatory


This 2-day course is belonging to HKAS series. This course is tailor-made designed to provide participants the understanding of accreditation and operator requirements for Hong Kong Laboratory Accreditation Scheme (HOKLAS).

Course Content

Laboratory technical criteria for HOKLAS accreditation (HOKLAS003)

  • Responsibility of HOKLAS Signatory
  • What are the importance of controlling documents, records and data transfer
  • How to monitor laboratory capacity before the acceptance of job request
  • What are the significance in conducting both horizontal and vertical audits
  • How to fulfill requirements of Equipment and Measurement Traceability
  • How to evaluate the effectiveness of training and competence of technical personnel
  • How to evaluate method validation
  • How to evaluate measurement uncertainty
  • How to checking the validity of test and calibration results
  • What are the differences in HOKLAS and non-HOKLAS endorsed reports